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By Charlotte Eder

Go to Iceland


For me, and I imagine for many, a holiday is simply an essential luxury - one that I don’t want to do without. That longed for break then becomes about bagging a bargain and getting more for your money, or simply making it the most fabulously amazing experience, so it’s worth it. A recent sailing expedition around the Galapagos Islands was most definitely a holiday of a lifetime. Recommendations and pointers for such a special trip will have to keep for another instalment - so stay tuned.

Iceland has emerged as a cool destination of late - though financially the country might be in hot water. www.skyskanner.net reported a 400% increase in the number of people searching for flights to Iceland. If you do want to take advantage of good value and visit the notoriously expensive country – it’s not that prices have been lowered rather the pound is something like 39% up in value against the krona – then this is what I’ve heard:

THE place to stay in the capital Reykjavik is the understated Art Deco style Hótel Borg which is right in the heart of where it’s at: right beside the Icelandic parliament, handily round the corner from the city’s main shopping strip and only a stagger from the happening nightlife hangouts. (www.hotelborg.is)

Food wise I’ve been told two suggestions:

Orange certainly stands out. It’s a slightly surreal but fun and opulent option – think coloured lights and glitter balls for a retro vibe, and the flavour of duck liver and Coca-cola served in a mini bottle.. www.orange.is

Fishmarket – is hybrid of Iclandic and Asian-inspired clean lines but with a cosy feel; there’s a raw menu as well as serving warming dishes that include king crab still in its shell with chilli sauce. www.fiskmarkadurinn.is

About Charlotte Eder

Charlotte Eder has worked for a leading travel glossy for more than three years. Whether staying in some of world's most stylish hotels - or dreaming of them - climbing volcanoes, skiing down glaciers or diving with giant turtles in the Galapagos, she's got her ear to the ground – or more preferably to her mobile – for the latest travel trends, openings and happenings and suggestions for the best hot spots and cool places to experience. She has been at her happiest pruning rose-bushes on a kibbutz in Israel as the sun was rising.... And she could have done without being locked in at a seemingly stylish pousada (boutique inn) in Brazil by the owner demanding a cash payment in order to leave.
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