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Review. A Quick Start Guide to Social Network Marketing

"Social Media" is evolving at such a pace that one wonders whether the printed word can ever do it justice. It seems as soon as the ink is dry on such a guide, the goalposts are clearly not in their original location.
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An Eye for Art and Champagne

To celebrate its second year as the official Champagne sponsor of the internationally renowned Frieze Art Fair, Champagne Pommery collaborated with the Rebecca Hossack Gallery to create a pop-up exhibition on the London Eye.       The gallery, suspended 442 feet above the ground, in one of the London Eye’s capsules, showcased specially commissioned works by British artist Kate Jenkins.
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St Tropez Property

For a fantastic second home, an investment opportunity or even a short rental St Tropez has it all. St Tropez itself has enjoyed a timely renaissance with a plethora of A-list celebrities now opting to moor their yachts on its famous waterfront. Despite the obvious razzmattaz that attaches itself to the A-list crowd St Tropez has still managed to cleverly harness the sprinkling of celeb glamour du..
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