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Through the Grapevine - Bordeaux

Like most drinkers I’m partial to a glass of wine, often a whole bottle, although my knowledge and experience don’t stretch much further than the wine rack at my local supermarket or off-licence. That was all to change in just three days spent wandering the vineyards and wineries of Bordeaux, the world’s capital of fine wine, where I arrived not knowing my Shiraz from my elbow but left with ..
Posted By Kris Griffiths

The Sands of Time - Namibia

Glaciers, rainforests, canyons – all epic natural wonders to behold, but for me there’s something even more wondrous about deserts: vast, empty and parched landscapes where life struggles constantly to survive. It’s the sight that greets me from my aeroplane window as we cross the Angolan border into Namibia, sprawling endlessly into the distance before merging with the blank African sky.
Posted By Kris Griffiths

Review: Table Rock, Belize

IT’S not easy being British sometimes. Our greedy forefathers might have colonised every square inch of terra firma they stepped foot on, but that doesn't make us the bad guys. However, occasionally you’ll come across someone who thinks it does, like the chap I met recently on a bus in Belize.
Posted By Gavin Haines