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By Rachel Marie Walsh

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I have long been a fan of It's The Selby, which is kind of like The Sartorialist for interiors. I was delighted to see the blog got a 4-page spread in Grazia this week. The magazine devotes some of its Living pages to quirky bloggers each month and New Yorker Todd Selby is especially worthy

Mr Selby is an artist and photographer who has contributed to a variety of fashion magazines and held an exhibition at the achingly chic Colette store in March. With It’s The Selby, he essentially offers viewers the same nose around strangers’ homes that Hello! readers crave. The crucial difference is that instead of snapping cheesy celebrities on chintzy couches he showcases the inner sanctums of fascinating creatives. No fame required.

Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson and Michael Stipe own three of circa 80 pads photographed for the site. The most gorgeous homes, in my opinion, belong to people who aren’t especially famous.

The design director of Abercrombie&Fitch, Michelle McCormick, and her husband have the kind of apartment that would have you pawing and exclaiming the moment you walked in the door. Mr Selby describes them as “hardcore collectors.” I bet their dinner guests forget to eat a thing.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld decorates much the same as I do. She’s decked out her New York apartment with a TV, stacks of magazines and books and the contents of her wardrobe. Perfect.

Not everyone who wants to appear on the site is photographed, Mr Selby tells Grazia. His subject choices have no real rhyme or reason. The result is a little chocolate box of a blog. You won’t get a piece of him, though. The photographer neglects to open his own home to the viewing public. He tells Grazia, “I like to leave my own place mysterious.”.