About Us

International Life is a luxury media brand expressed across multiple platforms, from controlled circulation magazine to the online properties of website, social media and e-newsletter.

Its primary market is educated, professionals and entrepreneurs and its focus are bringing to their attention the best brand experiences in travel, luxury brands, fashion, art, film, beauty, London & global cities, business, food, and drink.

International Life’s ideology

Our interpretation of luxury is brands and brand experiences that benchmark quality, craftsmanship, creativity, and authenticity.

Our definition of luxury has a human and spiritual dimension. We look for substance, meaning, and value; from life-affirming experiences to life-enhancing products. This can be found in innovative new business concepts like challenging adventure holidays, ethical dining establishments or just a great new film or play. All can be defined as ‘true luxury’.

We seek out the rising stars of tomorrow, showcasing independent jewelry designers, filmmakers, fashion designers, watchmakers, furniture designers, interior specialists, budding gastronomes and innovative entrepreneurs who ignore the fast buck and understand the rewards of building a business for the long term.

A passion for quality in everything we do is matched by a strong commitment to socially responsible initiatives. Our aim is to bring intelligence and understanding of the way we evaluate brands from ethical work practices to sustainability and third-way thinking.

We champion new ideas, cleaner, greener ways of working and brands that offer something more to consumers and do something more for the community and environment in which they do business.

As a luxury brand itself, International Life adheres to the same principles and benchmarks as those it showcases. Our writers apply these standards and thinking to every review they undertake. We don’t remodel Press Releases but pursue journalistic objectivity by analyzing, distilling and expressing ourselves with clarity, authority, and intelligence.

International Life is also committed to supporting youth and mental health charities in the UK as well as clean water and educational projects in the developing world.