Traveling around Massachusetts is a must at some point. The area is rich with the history of the founding of the United States of America as well as covered in national monuments and sights of interest. It also has beautiful woodlands and the beaches of Cape Cod are not to be missed, but when you enjoy marijuana there are some places you must see this summer as you plan your trips:

Central Ave Compassionate Care


Central Ave Compassionate Care strives to create a safe environment where you can enjoy marijuana products in peace. Their safe and secure atmosphere leaves you comfortable enough to enjoy your time and get the most out of your trip through Ayer. They are there to give you the experience and that means letting you have one without outside interference.


Patriot Care Corp.

No trip to Massachusetts is complete without a visit to Boston. You can travel the twisting roads that don’t make any logical sense (they were once cow paths that got paved over) and you can visit the Green Monster (One of the few surviving fully wooden baseball fields in the country), but the first swing by Patriot Care Corp. They offer a wide selection to treats for you to enjoy on your travels as well as the latest accessories and a wide variety of strains of marijuana to heighten your travels.


Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness is located just right off of route 24. They are one of the newest stores to be opened in the ever-expanding business world of marijuana. They are committed to expanding wellbeing through cannabis. They work to cultivate small batches and cultivate the unique strains of their business while striving to develop a wide range of enjoyable and effective products. They are a must visit if you are looking for a good trip and an amazing selection of products.

In good health, Inc.


This self-contained facility grows, cultivates and dispenses their own line of products. They work hard to make their strains of marijuana amazing while providing their own unique twists to the products they sell. They are always happy to demystify the process for any travelers to their establishment and assist them in picking out just the right products to make their trips rocks. This is a good place for those interested in ma medical marijuana program.

New England Treatment Access.


New England Treatment Access is staffed by people who are dedicated to the cause of wellness. They are patient advocates, experienced professionals and industry leaders in the marijuana industry. They are also philanthropists who work hard to provide quality products for their clients to enjoy. This establishment tries to personalize the experiences their patrons have through the use of art and science. They are definitely worth the stop if you are passing through Brookline this summer.

Garden Remedies, Inc.


At Garden Remedies, they take care about eliminating your suffering. They also want you to feel comfortable and enjoy even the experience of walking through their door. They are dedicated to surviving you and the community they are attached to. They are worth the visit if you are in the area if you like to be pampered at the places you visit, then this is the place to go.

Ermont, Inc.


Located in the historic Quarry Hills section of West Quincy, Ermont Inc. is a unique store to visit. Not only are they a non-profit marijuana corporation founded by Massachusetts residents who are committed to expanding the marijuana industry, but they are committed to their patrons too. All the products they grow and sell are produced exclusively in Quincy and are part of the local community effort to expand this growing industry. They are worth a visit to try their unique brand of homegrown pleasure.

Alternative Therapies Group, Inc.


Alternative Therapies Group, Inc., Salem Chapter is worth a visit because it was the very first store to open its doors to sell marijuana back on June 24, 2015. They have always striven to help their customer have a unique experience as well as an enjoyable one. Their products are a unique blend of their own strains of marijuana and the care they take to cultivate a quality product.

When it comes to a summer of fun; traveling around the State of Massachusetts to visit these unique stores means being able to try as many different strains of marijuana as you like. It also gives you a chance to see some amazing local sites for history as well as what is currently making history. This is something every marijuana lover should try at least once. The people you will meet love their jobs and will make your trip every bit the highlight of your summer of fun times.